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Packaging is a vital part of drug development in the small pharmaceutical environment. It is the department which is responsible for ensuring that all the appropriate procedures have been followed and documented so that clinical progress can be made.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Resources

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European Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: confronting a global challenge
We last reviewed the European Contract Packaging and Manufacturing market on the basis of information that we had, to 1995, for about 170 European CPMs Pharmaceutical Clinical Packaging
List of Packagers Packaging Consultants Group
PCG can source and supply your company with a complete package. Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council
The Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC) is a not-for-
profit trade association that was established in 1990 to promote
the many benefits of unit dose blister and strip packaging Montebello Packaging
Montebello Packaging is at the leading edge, ready to bring you the technology and support standard for the next millenium.