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Here is my list of internet links that I find indispensable to keep track of new developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

Online Journals and News

Pharmaceutical Online
Online journal for the pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical Industry News
Breaking News in the pharmaceutical industry
Breaking News in Medical Devices & Equipment News
News about recent events in the pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical Executive
Magazine for the phamaceutical executive
Frost and Sullivan
Reports concerning pharmaceuticals and their development and marketing
The daily newspaper of the biotech industry
Other publications

Pharmaceutical Industry Resources

Home Medicinal Chemistry Drug Development Resources Outsourcing Contract GMP Synthesis Contract GMP Drug Manufacturers Contract GMP Analytical Services Quality Assurance Analytical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Consultants


The Society for Pharmacetical and Medical Device Professionals
Society of technical professionals who apply their
practical knowledge in the regulated pharmaceutical and
medical device manufacturing industries
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
Association to improve human health through the
development of better pharmaceuticals
The DIA (Drug Information Association)
The DIA (Drug Information Association) is a non-profit
scientific association
Parenteral Drug Association (PDA)
Non-profit professional/technical association whose
mission is education and technical information exchange
focused on the art and science of sterile products manufacturing.
Daily updates of Emerging Uses Of FDA-Approved Pharmaceuticals
The Partner of Information Specialists, Journalists and Physicians Worldwide

Pharmaceutical Information Resources

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology IPTonline
IPTonline The archive of published papers from Innovations in
Pharmaceutical Technology, designed to keep you informed of the latest ideas,
cutting-edge technologies and innovations shaping the future of pharmaceutical
research,development and manufacturing.
F-D-C Reports
Publisher of many informational newsletters for the
pharmaceutical industry, i.e the pink sheet, the gold sheet, etc.
Internet resource of pharmaceutical and medical information

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