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Outsourcing analytical services is often necessary in drug development. Careful attention to how the analyses are carried out and reported are vital to the success of such efforts

Contract GMP/GLP Analytical Service Providers

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West Coast Analytical
Analytical Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
The Analytical Chemistry Springboard
Analytical Refernces for Good Laboratory Practice [GLP] and Good Manufacturing Practice [GMP]
Spectra Data Services
GLP/GMP NMR Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Irvine Analytical
Comprehensive,state-of-the-art support for Pharmaceutical
and Medical Device Manufacturers, Biotechnical
Companies, and Government Agencies.
Labmetrix Technologies
HPLC qualification and certification
BioScreen Testing Services is dedicated to helping our clients meet the
demands in today's marketplace for safety, regulatory compliance and
claims substantiation.
Help to comply with regulations and quality standards in analytical laboratories with as little effort as possible, with highest confidence
Restek Analytical Services
We offer analytical method development and validation, HPLC/GC education and training, custom stationary phase design, and cGMP/regulatory services and support.
Chemic Laboratories
Chemic Laboratories offers the highest quality analytical chemistry available. Chemic Laboratories is organized into separate areas of specialization consisting of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Contract Research and Development, and Consulting.
K.A.B.S. Laboratories
K.A.B.S. Laboratories Inc. is a team of pharmaceutical scientists and technologists offering analytical and consulting services to the bio-pharmaceutical industry, operating under the guidelines of the cGMP and GLP specified by the HPB, the ICH and/or the FDA
ABC Laboratories
ABC Laboratories is a multinational contract research development and manufacturing organization that supports the pharmaceutical and chemical industries
GMP Analytical Services
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