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Here is a list of links for people interested in finding out more about pharmaceutical drug development.

Online Journals

The premier provider of technical and regulatory information for manufacturers of biotechnology, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals,medical device and diagnostic products and pharmaceuticals worldwide.
August 1997 supplement of Pharmacetical Tecnology devoted to outsourcing issues
Pharmaceutical Technology
Journal covering issues affecting drug development
Pharmaceutical Processing
New technology for the pharmaceutical industry
Chemical Equipment
The Global CPI's source for technology and suppliers
Chemical Engineering
Journal covering chemical process development

Drug Development Resources

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General Drug Development Information

Drug Development Process
CDER Handbook outling new drug development and review, generic
drug review, etc.
Faster Time to Market
A white paper report on accellerating drug development
in the 1990's
Drug development links
The following links contain information regarding drug
development resources for AIDS therapies available from other
government agencies.
Website providing pharmaceutical scientists Web links related to the development of pharmaceuticals.
Drug Development and Approval Processs Time Table
Time it takes for an average for an experimental drug
to travel from lab to medicine chest.
The Drug Process in the United States
Table delineating the stages and requirements for the various clinical stages
Stability Studies
Description of the nature of pharmaceutical stability studies
The Pipeline Game
Game in which you make the risky decision involved in
drug development. Reap the rewards or pay the consequences!
Contract Manufacturing Services
Summary of recent Pharmtech articles concerning the
outsourcing of drug development
An Overview Of Drug Clinical Development
The Self-Instructional CRA Training Series
An Overview Of Drug Clinical Development
The Self-Instructional CRA Training Series
Technology Transfer- From Clinical Trial Supplies to Production
The transfer of technology between R&D and Manufacturing
Operations is critical to successful and timely product
development in the pharmaceutical industry. This brochure
discusses the importance of effective technology transfer
through project organisation, clinical supply chain,
production issues, regulatory aspects and contractor
Pharmaceutical Development Consortia
An industrial forum focusing on molecular modeling solutions relevant in pharmaceutical development and formulation.
Drug Development and Approval:
Review of Canadian Requirements
Cato Research
Cato Research's List of Meetings of Interest in Pharmaceutical Development
Drug Packaging
Articles related to Drug & Pharmaceutical Packaging
Committee issues
European Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: confronting a global challenge?
We last reviewed the European Contract Packaging and
Manufacturing market on the basis of information that we had,
to 1995, for about 170 European CPMs

Drug Development Courses

Drug Development Process and Clinical Research
The lecture by Dr. Graumlich will explain the reasons for
the long process of tests performed to establish the safety
and effectiveness of new drugs.
Clinical Trials and Drug Development
academic course outline covering drug development
The Drug Development Process: An Integrated Approach
This three-day intensive short course provides a detailed
picture of the complex and highly interrelated activities
of the drug and biologics development process, from
discovery to a successfully mark
Drug Formulation Outsourcing
Discussion of reasons to outsource formulation development

Drug Development Resource Information

Dissolution Literature References
compilation of literature references related to dissolution
Pharmaceutical Solids
Database of physical properties
Molecular Simuations
Software solutions to serious drug development problems
The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding
Delivering contemporary data, facts, news and advice related
to healthcare and pharmaceutical compounding.
Alternative Routes of Drug Administration--Advantages and Disadvantages
This article focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of
alternative routes of drug administration. Issues of particular
importance in the care of pediatric patients, especially factors
that could lead to drug-related toxicity or adverse responses,
are emphasized.
R Krishna's Liposome Drug Delivery Systems Home Page
This page is intended to provide information on liposomes and their use as a drug delivery system with emphasis on their role in cancer chemotherapy

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