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How Much Do these Vehicles benefit The Environment?

Currently all EV/NEV's and NGV's are extremely non-polluting being rated SULEV or better.

SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle)is 12.5 times lower for hydrocarbons
3.4 times lower for carbon monxide, 20 times lower for NOx and 8 times lower for particulate matter

All of the EV/NEV's and one NGV are rated ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle)
or PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) which is at least 3 x lower than SULEV
(Up to 60 times cleaner than a new car!

Currently , we pollutin approximately 17,000 kg of air pollution through our
commuting activities as a group. If everyone switched to one of these vehicles,
we could reduce our overall impact 75%.

Look up the current emission standards:

Vehicle Emission Standards

An Overview of the National Low Emission Vehicle Program

How do visualize this environmental benefit? Consider the following:

“A PZEV driven 20 miles produces fewer harmful emissions than a conventional car
in the driveway with its engine off”.
“A car equipped with this engine could drive through a high-smog area and the smog-producing emissions coming out of the tailpipe would actually be lower than they are in the surrounding air”